New study treatments that may put you back in control.

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The respiratory condition that can make breathing difficult has several options on the market. But for those who still struggle with attacks, we’re working on giving you new options. Learn about the cutting-edge study treatments being investigated near you.


of Americans
have been diagnosed with severe Asthma. 1


million people
use an inhaler everyday


of treatments on the market
None of them a pill that stop attacks

I wish there was something else like a pill that you take once a week or per month to help with airwaves and breathing so I didn’t have to take the inhaler everywhere. That would be nice.


7 years with Asthma

I take my inhaler with me everywhere, I’m a control freak. My backpack always has water, cliff bar, allergy meds, and of course my inhaler is always in there too.


21 years with Asthma

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Learn about the newest Asthma study treatments now being investigated, including cutting-edge options available to clinical trial participants.

TrialSpark is now recruiting for a trial that tests the effectiveness of a study drug for Asthma symptoms.

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From the latest relevant research and Asthma expert interviews to personal stories and advice on managing your symptoms, here’s everything about Asthma that’s making headlines.


Whether you’re considering participating in a clinical trial or just looking for more information about Asthma, we want you to keep you informed about living with Asthma, your treatment options, and the clinical trial process.

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Updated June 2019