For Doctors

Grow your practice and lead cutting-edge research.

With seamless setup and support, we remove the obstacles between you and clinical trials.

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The process is simple.

  1. We set up your site

    TrialSpark preps your practice for research. We handle the paperwork, equipment costs, and installation.

  2. We guide your study

    TrialSpark pairs you with a clinical research coordinator for on-demand study support that won’t disrupt your day-to-day practice. We also work with you to identify eligible patients.

  3. You lead the research

    As Principal Investigator, you oversee procedures and focus on patient care. Leave the admin duties to us.

Running clinical trials shouldn’t feel like running a second practice.

We know that setting up a trial site can be a serious commitment for busy physicians. TrialSpark turns that headache into a no-brainer.

We provide

  • Equipment & installation
  • Site approval assistance
  • On-site clinical research coordinators
  • Complete administrative support
  • Simple, sensible tech tools
  • …at no cost to you

How TrialSpark supports you

Connected Network

We leverage our connections with leading pharma companies to match you with the right trial.

Close Collaboration

We work with you to understand your needs and challenges — adapting the process to maximize your success.

Expert Advice

With our in-depth knowledge of industry regulations and protocols, we guide you through the complex medical research landscape.