Rethinking Clinical Trial Research

We're exploring a new way to potentially treat knee osteoarthritis through clinical trials.

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We understand your struggle with knee OA

10M+ people 45 or older in the US suffer from knee OA and experience pain, stiffness, and swelling that can limit function and movement. Current treatment options, outside of knee replacement surgery, tend to offer short-term symptomatic relief and don’t treat the underlying disease, creating an opportunity for people with knee OA to explore a new potential therapy. We recognize the unmet need to prevent the worsening of your condition and are helping participants explore potential treatment options for knee OA.

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Initial Screening Visit

Meet your local healthcare team leading trial efforts


Clinic Visits

You will receive a series of treatments and assessments between 2023 - 2025


Treatment Periods

Visit your local clinic 3x every 6-months for treatment


End of Study Visit

Assess how you are doing since treatment began

  1. hospital

    Local Sites

    Explore medical offices near your residence where you can receive an initial visit and attend follow up appointments if you qualify.

  2. telephone

    Flexible Scheduling

    Speak with a certified nurse that will help schedule your appointments and answer any questions you have leading up to your in-person consultations with your trial doctor.

  3. cost benefits

    No Cost + Additional Resources

    Receive reimbursement for any study-related fees and access to a library of resources leading up to your study treatment and during the treatment period.