How does TrialSpark prioritize the patient experience?

TrialSpark puts the patient at the center of our trials. Our mission of bringing new treatments to patients faster and more efficiently starts by bringing trials to community practices, where patients can access investigational treatments close to home with the support of their current provider.

Once we have the right sites, we conduct in-depth patient research to align our recruitment strategy with patient motivators and detractors. This approach helps us engage the right patients - those who are a good fit for the protocol and who can commit to full participation. Patients who enroll in a study are shepherded through the trial by TrialSpark’s coordinators, who provide the personalized information and support that patients need to stay compliant and engaged.

TrialSpark provides centralized recruitment support to all sites in a study. Doing so allows us to optimize digital recruitment campaigns within a geography, apply patient engagement best practices across sites, and smoothly coordinate patient logistics.