Living With COPD

Can COPD lead to other health complications?

The restricted airflow and decreased oxygen that characterizes COPD means that individuals with the condition are more prone to other health complications. Lung infections such as pneumonia are one example.

COPD patients are also more likely to be diagnosed with Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS), a life-threatening condition where fluid leaks into the blood vessels in the airway due to inflammation in the lungs.

Decreased lung functioning can cause additional stress on the heart, which means that people with COPD are more susceptible to heart failure.

Because COPD can affect a person’s quality of life, it’s not uncommon for individuals with COPD to face mental health issues such as depression. In situations like these it can help to talk with other people living with COPD; they can provide emotional support and understanding. Talk to your doctor about COPD resources and support.