Electronic Monitoring of Medication Adherence in Moderate to Severe Asthma Patients

Clinical Trial ID: NCT02913092


This study will evaluate the role of using electronic sensors for asthma inhaler devices in monitoring medication adherence and asthma control

This study will assess the feasibility of using electronic sensors for asthma inhalers in a population of urban minority adults and children with moderate-severe asthma in the Bronx. Investigators will also assess differences in asthma outcomes (specifically asthma control as a primary outcome measure) and treatment adherence in a group of participants with moderate-severe asthma who use inhalers with electronic sensors and real-time remote outreach worker monitoring/feedback compared to a group of participants who use inhalers with electronic sensors but without real-time monitoring/feedback.


Inclusion Criteria: - Adults (>18 years) and children (5-11 years old) with a clinical history (i.e. physician-diagnosed) of asthma - Moderate to severe asthmatics with ≥1 asthma-related ED visits or hospitalizations in the past year - Use of daily controller inhaler medications - Adult non-smokers, or lifetime use <5 pack years with no smoking in last 1 yr - Smartphone required - English or Spanish speaking Exclusion Criteria: - No smartphone - Use of oral corticosteroids in prior 4 weeks - Pregnancy - Psychiatric conditions

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