Incentives for Adherence in Adolescent Asthma

Clinical Trial ID: NCT03515499


Financial incentives have been suggested as a possible means for increasing adherence to asthma medications. This study will evaluate an incentive strategy (daily small reward for adherence) in maintaining high levels of adherence as tracked by adherence sensors in adolescents with asthma.

Two groups will be enrolled. The control group will have mediation monitoring sensors placed on their controller inhalers. The treatment group will also have the monitoring sensors placed on their medications, however they will be paid up to $1 per day for perfect adherence for 3 months. Both groups will be monitored for 4 months. 10 subjects will be chosen from each group to complete semi-structured phone interviews


Inclusion Criteria: - physician diagnosed asthma - on at least one inhaled controller medication Exclusion Criteria: - language other than English or Spanish (these are the only languages supported by the adherence monitoring application) - other severe chronic lung disease including tracheostomy/ventilator dependence, interstitial lung disease or cystic fibrosis, or significant developmental delay.

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    University of Colorado, Denver

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    Asthma in Children

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