AdheRence to Inhaled Corticosteroids in Asthma

Clinical Trial ID: NCT03769519


It is widely recognized that asthma in adult African American patients is a significant health problem, which is partly affected by relatively low inhaled corticosteroid (ICS) adherence rates. The goal of this study is to pilot test an ICS adherence intervention, ARICA, that aims to improve ICS adherence in adult African Americans.

The investigators will evaluate ARICA in Duke primary care clinics to study its feasibility and acceptability using a quasi-experimental pre-post study design. The study will enroll between 32 and 48 adult African Americans with persistent asthma and suboptimal ICS adherence, and their health care providers, to study the use of the intervention and key indicators of the intervention's potential effectiveness.


  • At least 18 years of age - Self-identifying African American - Self-reported current asthma - Prescribed an inhaled corticosteroid (alone or combination) for ≥ 1 month - Presented at a Duke Primary Care clinic visit within the past 3 years or is establishing care at Duke Primary Care - Follow up Duke Primary Care visit within the next 6 months Exclusion Criteria: - Unable or unwilling to provide informed consent
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