Adapting and Expanding the Asthma-Educator App

Clinical Trial ID: NCT03930381


This project seeks to test and refine an adapted/expanded version of a previously created ASTHMAXcel app.

The study will test the adapted app on participants ages 15-21 (recruited from outpatient primary and specialty care sites at Montefiore) with asthma, for a period of 6 weeks, and will conduct formative and summative evaluation of the application's functionality and usability. The investigators will also be collecting process and clinical outcomes.


Inclusion Criteria: - English-speaking individuals between 15-21 - Persistent asthma (diagnosis made by a healthcare provider) - On a daily controller medication - Able to give informed consent - Smartphone (iOS or Android) access Exclusion Criteria: - Use of oral corticosteroids in the 2 weeks prior to the baseline visit - Pregnancy - Severe psychiatric or cognitive problems that would prohibit an individual from understanding and completing the protocol - Patients that previously received the ASTHMA-Educator application

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