Asthma and Obesity: Pilot Study

Clinical Trial ID: NCT04113746


Develop and pilot test four theory-based educational modules that integrate counseling for asthma and obesity to promote greater physical activity among people with asthma.

Of the 400 obese and non-obese adult asthmatics in New York City and Denver during the 18-month observational phase of this study, the study team will randomize 80 participants (40 in NYC and 40 in Denver) into a 4-week group session pilot study focused on beliefs and behaviors associated with asthma and obesity self-management behaviors (SMB). Eligibility will be determined based on Asthma Control Questionnaire (ACQ) score and body mass index (BMI) at their 12-month visit. Participants will be randomized into an intervention or an active control arm after completing their 18-month visit. Participants will be consented into the pilot study during or after their 18-month visit. Participants will be put into groups of 7-10 for the pilot. Once formed, groups will have four 1-hour weekly visits. A person will be allowed to make up one missed session. The make-up session will be conducted on the phone or in-person depending on scheduling availability of both participant and care coach. Participants will be given accelerometers at sessions 1 and 4 that they will be asked to wear for seven days and return along with an activity diary. A follow-up survey will be administered about 30 days after the last pilot session in order to reassess the patient's asthma, obesity, exercise and medication beliefs and their adherence to asthma SMB. At the time of the follow-up survey, participants will also be given accelerometers that they will be asked to wear for seven days and return along with an activity diary.


Inclusion Criteria: - 21-64 years of age - BMI ≥ 30 - Asthma diagnosis made by a health care provider - Poor Asthma Control (ACQ score ≥ 0.75) - English speaking Exclusion Criteria: - BMI < 30 - Good asthma control (ACQ score <0.75) - Diagnosis of dementia - Diagnosis of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) or other chronic respiratory illness - Smoking history of ≥15 pack-years owing to possible undiagnosed COPD

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    National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI)

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