Hospital Workplace Nutrition Study

Clinical Trial ID: NCT04222894


The purpose of this study is to evaluate the effects of a plant-based diet on body weight, blood pressure, and plasma lipid concentrations, as part of a hospital workplace program.

Using a randomized controlled trial design, participants will be randomly assigned to either a plant-based or a control diet for 12 weeks. T Before and after each intervention period, the investigators will measure participant body weight, blood pressure, and plasma lipid concentrations.


Inclusion Criteria: 1. Employee of Sibley hospital 2. Male or female 3. Age at least 18 years 4. Have a BMI >25 kg/m2 5. Ability and willingness to participate in all components of the study 6. A willingness to follow a plant-based diet for the duration of the study 7. A willingness to attend weekly classes for the duration of the study 8. A willingness to keep physical activity level consistent throughout the duration of the study Exclusion Criteria: 1. Diabetes mellitus type 1 or history of any endocrine condition that would affect body weight, such as a pituitary abnormality or Cushing's syndrome 2. Smoking during the past six months 3. Alcohol consumption of more than 2 drinks per day or the equivalent, episodic increased drinking (e.g., more than 2 drinks per day on weekends), or a history of alcohol abuse or dependency followed by any current use 4. Current or unresolved past drug abuse 5. Pregnancy or plans to become pregnant in the next 12 weeks 6. Intention to leave hospital employment in the next 12 weeks 7. Unstable medical or psychiatric status 8. Evidence of an eating disorder 9. Lack of English fluency 10. Inability to maintain current medication regimen

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    Sibley Memorial Hospital

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    Type2 Diabetes

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