Preoperative Tamsulosin to Prevent Postoperative Urinary Retention After Surgery For Pelvic Floor Disorders

Clinical Trial ID: NCT04232683


Our hypothesis is that patients receiving preoperative Tamsulosin will have decrease rates of postoperative urinary retention (POUR) after surgery in females for pelvic floor disorders.

This study is a prospective randomized control trial. Patients undergoing pelvic surgery will randomized into two groups. The study group will receive one oral dose of .4mg of Tamsulosin preoperatively.The control group will receive one placebo pill preoperatively. Success or failure of initial voiding trial in postoperative period will be measured. Patients who fail the voiding trial will be discharged home with Foley catheter as is standard protocol at our institution.


Inclusion Criteria: i. Patient undergoing surgery for prolapse with or without mid-urethral sling procedure. ii. Specific surgical procedures include all vaginal, laparoscopic and robotic reconstructive or obliterative surgeries including the use of mid-urethral slings Exclusion Criteria: i. Diagnosis of urinary retention preoperatively (post void residual >150ml) ii. Malignancy iii. History of neurological disease iv. History of spinal cord injuries v. Allergy to Tamsulosin vi. Perioperative complications requiring prolonged postoperative bladder drainage vii. Incontinence procedures other than mid-urethral slings

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    Urinary Retention

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