Micra AV Transcatheter Pacing System Post-Approval Registry

Clinical Trial ID: NCT04253184


Medtronic is sponsoring the Micra AV Registry using the Micra AV system for continued surveillance of chronic atrioventricular synchronous pacing as intended, through the collection of data based on routine clinical care practice, following commercial release. The Micra AV Registry is conducted within Medtronic's Product Surveillance Registry (PSR) platform.

The Micra AV Registry is a global, prospective, observational, multi-site registry. Patients enrolled in the Micra AV Registry will be prospectively followed for a minimum of 3 years post-implant or until registry closure, patient death, patient exit from the registry (i.e., withdrawal of consent). Enrolled patients will have scheduled follow-up visits at least annually or as prompted by reportable adverse events; however, all Micra AV system follow-up patient visits are to be reported. Therefore, if more frequent scheduled visits occur per a provider's routine clinical care practice, those visits are reported. The total estimated registry duration is 4.5 years


Inclusion Criteria: - Patient or legally authorized representative provides written authorization and/or consent per institution and geographical requirements - Patient is intended to receive or be treated with a Micra AV Transcatheter Pacing System and must be enrolled prior to the implant procedure Exclusion Criteria: - Patient who is, or is expected to be inaccessible for follow-up - Patient with exclusion criteria required by local law - Patient is currently enrolled in or plans to enroll in any concurrent drug and/or device study that may confound results

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