Introducing Eczema Patients to the Soothe Study

If you’ve explored treatment options but eczema-related itch continues disrupting your quality of life, you may have an opportunity to participate in an investigational study testing a new topical therapy specifically for people with eczema-related itch.

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Join the Soothe study for eczema-related itch

Soothe Study for Eczema-Related Itch

The symptoms you might be experiencing are common amongst the 16.5 million adults in the U.S. suffering with eczema (atopic dermatitis). We are partnering with people like you for a study investigating the safety, effectiveness, and tolerability of an investigational topical therapy being developed as a potential treatment option for eczema-related itch in adults.

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How the Process Works

No investigational treatment can succeed without a team of doctors, patient volunteers, and researchers working together toward a shared goal. We are helping to forge stronger connections between doctors, people with eczema, and the greater biopharma community by providing opportunities to participate in clinical studies of the latest developments in dermatology.

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Benefits of Participating

  • Access Investigational Topical Therapy

    A qualifying group of participants may receive this investigational topical therapy, or placebo, in gel form.

  • Help Itch-Management Research

    All the results and outcomes of your participation will provide detailed insights into the potential of future treatment options.

  • Basic Enrollment Process

    A simple 4-step enrollment process helps improve transparency and gives patients access to full administrative support from their Nurse Enrollment Specialist and clinical specialists.

  • Expert Care from Specialists

    During the trial you will receive care from board certified specialists and a team of experienced healthcare providers who are available 24/7 during the study period.

Participation Details

  1. Begin Treatment

    If you are enrolled into the study you will be provided with an investigational topical gel, or placebo, to apply on your eczema twice daily for the duration of the 12-week trial period.

  2. Assess Progress

    Board certified specialists will monitor safety and study progress. You will also attend appointments for physical exams, electrocardiograms (ECGs), blood and urine samples, and skin assessments.

  3. Conclude Treatment

    After the treatment period ends, the study doctor will conduct a follow up visit with you 28-days after the last topical application to complete an evaluation and gather final results from your experience.

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If you are interested in participating you can determine your eligibility.

We are studying investigational treatments for eczema-related itch.

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