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Learn more about a clinical trial to assess the effectiveness of an investigational new cream, which may help others with your condition.

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The common, chronic inflammatory skin disorder characterized by flaky skin lesions and itching currently has no cure. But we’re working on giving you new options to help manage the symptoms of eczema (atopic dermatitis). Learn about a new cutting-edge study treatment being investigated in your neighborhood.

Why participate?

In the coming months, TrialSpark will be launching an eczema (atopic dermatitis) study. Volunteers are critical in helping medical researchers develop new options for patients with eczema. By completing a brief questionnaire, you can express your interest and potential eligibility for the upcoming study so that we can be in touch when it launches.

  • Advance eczema research.

    Clinical trials help you to better understand your condition and help inform the development of future treatments.

  • Get care from top doctors.

    Study visits with leading dermatologists in their field are covered at no cost to you or your insurance company.

  • Help others with atopic dermatitis.

    Your participation in a clinical trial today could expand future treatments available to others living with eczema.

  • Receive compensation for your time.

    This clinical trial provides a stipend to participants that covers travel and other direct expenses.

I saw benefits (of participating in research) as helping the medication move forward, for humanity. Also, I wanted an alternative to steroids.


Eczema clinical trial participant

What’s involved?

The upcoming clinical trial seeks to assess a new investigational topical cream for eczema (atopic dermatitis). Trial participants with mild to moderate eczema will undergo a screening period of up to four weeks, then test the study cream on a specific area of their skin that is flaring over the course of about four weeks. Study participation will conclude with a follow-up phone or video call with the doctor two weeks later.

The following will be required if you choose to participate:

  • Apply the study cream to a specific area of your body that is flaring (e.g., rash on right arm) twice daily.

  • Additionally, apply a placebo (a cream that does NOT contain any active medication) on a similar flaring area on the opposite side of your body (e.g., rash on left arm) twice daily.

  • See the doctor for 7 study visits over the course of up to 10 weeks while participating in this clinical trial.

  • Pause any other eczema (atopic dermatitis) medications you use for the duration of the clinical trial (up to 10 weeks). You will be allowed to use emollients on other parts of your body.

Our Partners

TrialSpark partners with global life sciences companies to bring potentially life-changing treatments to market. By participating in clinical research, participants may contribute to medical advancements and have a lasting impact on those with their condition.

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