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Not only does trial participation drive medical advancement, making it possible to create new treatments and improve old ones, it’s also a way for you to take a more active role in your health. Staying on top of clinical trials means staying on top of the latest research about your condition — and on potential new options for you.


of people who have participated in a clinical trial say they would participate in another one. 1

Get care from top specialists.

Clinical trial participants often report they get better care for their condition during a clinical trial than from their regular doctor appointments. Receive specialized care during your trial participation — your doctor and trial team will be with you every step of the way, monitoring your progress and answering your questions.


of clinical trial participants rated the medical care that they received during their participation as better than what they would have otherwise gotten. 2

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A lot of people with vitiligo want better treatments. While existing treatments can be effective, there are so many potential downsides including the time commitment, side effects, expense and remission period.

Erika P.

22 years with Vitiligo

I'm interested in different treatments. It would be nice to take something consistently to work on the condition itself. My meds don't prevent UC, they just minimize the symptoms and I deal with. New treatments would give me more peace of mind.


3 years with Ulcerative Colitis

Explore new investigational treatments that may reduce your side effects.

Trials aren’t just for new drugs, but also for perfecting what’s already on the market. If you have a medication that manages your symptoms but leaves you with undesirable side effects, a drug in clinical trials may be a better option for you.


of clinical trial participants say their experience was excellent or good. 1

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Understand your condition better.

Not every treatment in a clinical trial will be a magic bullet for every participant. But even if a trial you’re in doesn’t match you with the perfect medication for you, it could get you closer to understanding what types of drug formulations your body responds best to.

Why Clinical Trials - Understand Your Condition - Illustration

Help others like you.

Your participation in clinical trials gets researchers closer to finding better treatments for people like you — not just those with the same condition, but those who are also part of the same ethnic, gender, and age groups. Participating in clinical trials, especially if you have a condition that’s genetic, helps create better treatment options for the generations coming after you.


of known diseases have cures and treatments. 3

Every life-changing drug begins with a clinical trial — and with volunteers like you.

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