Tech-driven drug development

What sets TrialSpark apart? The speed and agility of our clinical trial engine.

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Our innovative platform solves an industry-wide problem.

Most pharma companies are forced to allocate their clinical trial budgets to only a few opportunities within their portfolios. This means that safe and effective treatments are left sitting on shelves, rather than in the hands of patients. TrialSpark is uniquely positioned to develop those drugs more efficiently.

By automating and streamlining the clinical trial process, our platform eliminates the costly, time-intensive tasks of traditional drug trials.

The result?

Less time spent on development and more life-changing drugs brought to market.

TrialSpark offers flexible partnership structures to meet your needs.

  • Investing and Licensing

    We invest equity in companies, license clinical stage pharmaceutical assets, and form unique strategic partnerships to develop therapeutics using our in-house clinical trial engine.

  • Running Clinical Trials

    We work alongside life science companies to accelerate trials from initial study design to final data output.

Join us in bringing new treatments to patients faster.

Unprecedented Trial Quality & Speed


1.9x faster enrollment

TrialSpark enrolls patients 1.9x faster than comparable studies.

50% faster trials

TrialSpark enables a 50% faster drug development timeline.

95% of patients

TrialSpark unlocks the 95% of patients previously unreached by clinical trials. 1

Faster Trials from Beginning to End

Our automated clinical trial engine accelerates the drug development process through real-time access to data, process standardization, and operational agility.

Integrated Data Capture & Analysis

Our tech platform integrates the front-end (recruitment, eConsent, eSource) with the back-end (data management, monitoring, and biostats) to eliminate siloed study data.

Decades of Expertise

Bringing together the best talent from tech, life sciences, and pharma, our team merges decades of deep subject matter expertise to reimagine the clinical trial ecosystem.

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Join us in bringing new treatments to patients faster.

  1. Learn more about the importance of diversity in clinical trials:The importance of representation in clinical development.[1]