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TrialSpark is a new kind of drug development partner.

Our technology platform enables partners to bring new treatments to patients faster and more efficiently by reimagining all aspects of a clinical trial — enabling faster trial completion, higher data quality, and a more patient-centric experience. TrialSpark also empowers doctors in the community setting to participate in clinical trials, accelerating patient recruitment rates and democratizing access to potential new treatments.

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TrialSpark enrolls 1.9x faster than comparable studies.


TrialSpark’s startup period is 2-3 months, versus 8+ months for comparable studies.


TrialSpark engages the 99% of doctors and patients trials have failed to reach.

Platform Capabilities

  • Sponsor 2 - Clinical Strategy

    Full-Service Clinical Strategy

    Our experienced leadership team partnered with our network of physicians and patients allows us to provide unique insights into study design and creates opportunities to innovate for your programs.

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    Comprehensive Trial Management

    Centralized clinical project management, data management, trial monitoring, vendor management, and technology management streamline your study, preventing variability-based errors and increasing protocol adherence.

  • Sponsor 2 - Data Driven Site Selection

    Data-Driven Site Strategy

    We identify and create the ideal sites for your protocol through robust querying of our EHR database and bespoke network build-outs. These queries directly inform feasibility estimates to generate accurate projections.

  • Sponsors 2 - Data Capture

    Integrated Data Capture and Analysis

    Pilot, our Direct Data Capture (DDC) platform, integrates the front-end (Recruitment, eConsent), middle-ware (eSource, eCRF, and EDC), and back-end (ePRO/eCOA, CTMS, scheduling, payments), eliminating the frustration of siloed, fragmented study data.

  • Patient Engagement

    Flexible Partnership Structures

    TrialSpark operates within the life sciences ecosystem as a drug development partner, including making investments into clinical trials in exchange for equity or royalties associated with the programs themselves.

Why choose TrialSpark?


faster site startup, from protocol to
first site active


faster contracting, from kickoff to
vendors contracted


faster tech build, from EDC spec to
EDC go-live

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We partner with the best. Join other life sciences companies bringing life-changing treatments to the market faster with TrialSpark.

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