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So why has the pharmaceutical industry fallen short when it comes to the needs of the very people who drive its progress and breakthroughs?

Patient-centric trials recruit participants almost twice as fast and launch their drugs 19% more often. But in reality, patient-centric designs are only used in 5% of Phase II and III trials. Only 500 of 7,000 known diseases currently have a treatment. And not only does it take an average of 10 years for a new drug to go through clinical trials, only 5% of studied drugs make it to drugstore shelves. The result: millions of people left waiting longer for a better treatment for their illnesses.

The world of clinical trials needs a shake-up. So let’s do something about it. At TrialSpark, patient-centric is not just a buzzword or an afterthought. It’s the backbone to everything we do. And it’s a promise. We put the patient in the driver’s seat before, during, and after a trial. Because it’s not just doctors who help build a healthier future. It’s patients. And it’s time to do right by them.

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