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We owe every life-changing drug on the market to clinical trials.

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So why has the pharmaceutical industry fallen short when it comes to the needs of the very people who drive its progress and breakthroughs?

Patient-centric trials recruit participants almost twice as fast and launch their drugs 19% more often. But in reality, patient-centric designs are only used in 5% of Phase II and III trials. Only 500 of 7,000 known diseases currently have a treatment. And not only does it take an average of 10 years for a new drug to go through clinical trials, only 5% of studied drugs make it to drugstore shelves. The result: millions of people left waiting longer for a better treatment for their illnesses.

The world of clinical trials needs a shake-up. So let’s do something about it. At TrialSpark, patient-centric is not just a buzzword or an afterthought. It’s the backbone to everything we do. And it’s a promise. We put the patient in the driver’s seat before, during, and after a trial. Because it’s not just doctors who help build a healthier future. It’s patients. And it’s time to do right by them.

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Our Community

Who makes up TrialSpark, and who’s changing the future of medicine with us?

We are researchers, engineers, and designers dedicated to accelerating breakthroughs in medical research.

We are doctors who want to leave a mark and give patients more.

We are forward-thinking pharmaceutical companies who want cutting-edge treatments more easily and more quickly available to the people who need it.

We are optimists and realists who believe that addressing what’s not working about the clinical trial process — and each of our parts in that — is essential to pushing medicine forward and changing the lives of people living with chronic illness.

We are people who are creating a healthier future for all — together.

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TrialSpark Values

  • Be a scientist

    Not every problem will be well-defined, and the best path forward may not always be obvious. Scientists are able to structure ambiguity, carving a path forward through experimentation and iteration.

  • Think in first principles

    We are looking to disrupt an established industry. We interrogate decisions and solve problems by employing first principles, and we don’t do something just because that’s the way it’s always been done.

  • Champion the mission

    Our mission is ambitious, powerful, and resonant. We must always elevate the mission and ensure we’re building the best team to achieve it.

  • Deliver care

    The path to success is a long one. We must care for ourselves and one another by building an environment of trust, transparency, and growth.

Our Investors

Meet the people investing in a brighter future for medicine with us.

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