Together, we can bring new treatments to patients faster & more efficiently.

Our team combines expertise from across many industries, bringing together engineers, physicians, designers, researchers, operators, and more.

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TrialSpark Values

Our company values guide and unify our approach to bringing new treatments to patients faster and more efficiently. Our strength as a team comes from our many different backgrounds, and our values connect us through a common language. At TrialSpark, we believe that our success will be singularly driven by the people we attract to our mission and a culture defined by accountability to our values.

Our values at work

Our CEO and co-founder, Ben Liu, recently joined the Biotech 2050 podcast to discuss how our culture and values differentiate us.

  • Think in first principles

    At TrialSpark, we are looking to disrupt an established industry. We interrogate decisions and solve problems from first principles – we don’t do something just because that’s the way it’s always been done. By approaching work with curiosity and purpose, we believe we can achieve results that seem impossible on the surface.

  • Be a scientist

    Our mission oftens leads us into uncharted territory, where the best path forward is not obvious. At TrialSpark, we value scientists: people who are able to structure ambiguity and boldly carve a path forward through experimentation, iteration, and reflection. We problem-solve without ego and learn from mistakes.

  • Deliver care

    Given our immense ambitions, the path to success will be long. We believe in caring for ourselves and others along the way by building an environment of trust, transparency, and growth. We strive to make TrialSpark a diverse, equitable, inclusive work environment where all are committed to helping each other grow and feel they belong.

  • Champion the mission

    Our mission – to bring new treatments to patients faster and more efficiently – is our north star. At TrialSpark, we elevate the mission in everything we do: the decisions we make, the work we choose to do, and the people we choose to work with. Because when you’re developing tomorrow’s life-changing treatments, every day matters.

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Working at TrialSpark

  • Flexible Time Off

    We have a flexible PTO policy so you can find time to recharge, take care of personal matters, and fully enjoy your dream vacations.

  • Parental Leave

    We believe your personal life enriches your professional one. We offer 16 weeks of paid parental leave for birthing parents and 12 weeks for non-birthing parents so you can start or grow your family.

  • Comprehensive Benefits

    All full time employees have access to health, vision, and dental insurance. Additionally, we provide pre-tax commuter benefits, access to a 401k plan, short and long-term disability and life insurance.

  • Equipment Reimbursement

    Employees receive a monthly cell phone stipend, as well as an equipment reimbursement to use to set up a home office.

  • Education & Career Development Resources

    TrialSpark offers a plethora of professional development resources to employees. Some examples include fireside chats with industry experts, conference passes, certification courses, internal mobility opportunities, in depth manager training, leadership coaching program, and more.

  • Hybrid Work Environment

    Most employees split their time working both at the office and home, while some of our colleagues are fully remote. We have dedicated days when all NYC-area employees work together from the office (for most, this is two to three days per week), and on other days, employees choose their own work location.

  • Team Bonding

    Our team likes to get outside the office. You can count on colleagues organizing optional events that aren't your standard happy hour (think rock climbing, food tours, etc) and we have many virtual events to connect with our full remote team (cooking classes, watercolor painting, drag queen bingo, improv, and many more!). Plus, you can put your personal values into practice by joining an Employee Resource Group, including Allyship, TrialSparQ and Women at TrialSpark.

  • Newly Renovated Office

    Our beautiful, bright, and plant-filled new NYC headquarters is conveniently located within walking distance to the PATH, Grand Central Station, and Penn Station. Our work environment is collaborative and lively, with cross-functional teams regularly working and socializing together. We fuel our teams with drinks, coffee, and snacks always on hand.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are a vital part of our mission.

Today, TrialSpark is focused on expanding the reach of clinical trials, which enables us to get promising new treatments into the hands of a broader and more diverse population of patients. In the long run, our success will increase the diversity and affordability of treatments that are available to everyone. It's vital that our actions, both inside and out of the company, align with the diversity, equity, and inclusion we aspire to achieve.

Internally, we focus on hiring and retaining a diverse team. We accomplish this through a structured interview process, diverse interview panels, accountability rubrics for interviewers, and measurable sourcing goals. Equity and inclusion are priorities throughout the entire employee lifecycle, from recruiting, interviewing, and onboarding to performance management, internal mobility, compensation, and promotions.

Externally, we are committed to democratizing access to clinical trials for underrepresented groups by building a diverse site network and expanding the diversity of our investigators by launching programs that lower barriers to participation.

We are committed to taking action to create a more just and equitable world. However, the healthcare industry has a long way to go. Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) populations experience significant disparities in both access and outcomes. Black communities are grossly underrepresented in clinical trials, resulting in drugs that may have differentiated efficacy based on race and gender. We plan to use our platform as a vehicle for change in our industry. - Ben Liu, CEO

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Employment-related scams are on the rise.

  • Please beware of scammers impersonating recruiting and hiring personnel requiring you to switch to a different messaging platform (such as Telegram, which TrialSpark does not use), requesting financial information prior to onboarding (including for purposes of sending YOU money to make purchases), or engaging in other suspicious behavior. When in doubt, feel free to ask the individual to correspond from their official work email address ( in our case), even if you've already spoken to the individual over the phone.

  • We are really sorry that there are people out there trying to trick people in this way. If you believe you have been a victim of a scam or have encountered a potentially fraudulent opportunity, you may report it to the authorities, including the FTC and local equivalents, law enforcement, and your state and local attorney general's offices. The FTC's has info regarding recovery and template letters that you can utilize, and news outlets have published articles describing the uptick in fraud and updated information on the latest scams affecting job-seekers.