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You don’t have to be a Principal Investigator or Sub-Investigator to participate in research! TrialSpark partners with physicians to help their patients access new treatments by connecting them with nearby clinical trials.


Benefits of partnering with TrialSpark

  • Provide innovative, new, treatments to patients who would not otherwise have access to these options

  • Contribute to the research and development of new treatment options for patients in a lightweight capacity

  • Receive compensation for time spent identifying and speaking with patients regardless of whether patients enroll into a study

  • Receive TrialSpark’s support to identify patients and refer them to studies

  • Increase patient and physician diversity in clinical research through community participation, broadening patient reach and retention through referrals from physicians they know and trust

How you can partner with TrialSpark

  1. Learn More About Study

    TrialSpark provides materials and training for you to understand study requirements and prepares you to speak to patients about potential new treatment options.

  2. Review Patient Eligibility

    Identify potentially eligible patients and discuss study opportunities with them, with optional TrialSpark support to accelerate the process. TrialSpark will compensate you for your time, regardless of whether the patients enroll.

  3. Connect Patient to TrialSpark

    Patients will be connected with a TrialSpark Nurse Enrollment Specialist to further assess eligibility. Qualified patients will gain access to a clinical trial while retaining you as their physician.

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