Clinical Trials

What is a phone or digital screening?

Before you’re scheduled for a screening visit — which often includes blood work, urinalysis, heart rate monitoring, and more — you can expect to go through some type of prescreening activity prior to coming in to a site both over the phone and in person.

The TrialSpark approach to prescreening tries to ensure that any study you’re matched with is right for you, and that you find out as early as possible in the process if a study might not be right for you. TrialSpark’s tiered approach to prescreening starts with very broad study criteria (such as, have you been diagnosed with a condition) and gets more detailed at each step, reviewing the study’s inclusion and exclusion criteria and provide a high-level summary of study expectations. If you pass this round of screening, you may be eligible for an in-person screening visit; however, we may need to collect parts of your medical record to confirm this.