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TrialSpark’s mission is to bring new study treatments to patients faster and more efficiently. We deliver on this mission by partnering with independent and community physicians to transform their practices into high-quality, FDA compliant trial sites. TrialSpark also powers sites with a patient-centric digital recruitment approach that focuses on quality, not quantity, of leads. This enables us to unlock the 98% of patients not currently participating in clinical trials - resulting in faster, more efficient, and more diverse high-quality trials for our sponsors.

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We partner with the best. Join the life sciences companies getting life-changing treatments on the market faster with TrialSpark.

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Site feasibility questionnaires are a crapshoot. We typically discount the number given by sites by half or more. Traditional sites just put 3-5 with no data behind it. TrialSpark sites are exactly where the untapped patients are. Their data-driven feasibility has real patient funnel analytics at the site level, and the proof is in the pudding with more randomizations.

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Working with TrialSpark enables us to expand access to new treatments for patient populations that previously have never been exposed to clinical trials as a treatment option. TrialSpark delivers a faster rate of recruitment, while diversifying overall enrollment to ensure our therapies work for everyone.



The TrialSpark Difference: A Real Patient-Centric Approach

Patient-centric is not just a buzzword at TrialSpark. We combine a focus on quality, patient recruitment, and data with the power of a human touch, putting the patient in the driver’s seat before, during, and after a trial. The result? You can accelerate patient recruitment, get stalled trials back on track, make accurate projections, and meet them.

Patient-centric trials recruit participants almost twice as fast and launch their study drugs 19% more often. But in reality, patient-centric designs are only utilized in 5.2% of Phase II and III trials across the industry.1

  • Find the Right Patients

    98% of patients eligible for a study aren't enrolling. We identify where new patients are, market to them for you, and create trial sites at the offices of physicians these patients are already seeing. Partner with TrialSpark to diversify your patient pool.

  • Access New Doctors

    TrialSpark embeds new, fully compliant GCP/ICH sites within the practices of community doctors and gives them necessary equipment, training, and coordinators to run your studies.

  • Recruit Faster

    TrialSpark’s speed to screen is six weeks, compared to 3-8 months with traditional CROs. And we market your studies to doctors and patients in underserved areas, so you can reach a larger pool faster.

  • Accurately Project

    Stop losing money to funding trials that won’t meet goals in the end. TrialSpark’s data-driven predictions give you accurate recruitment projections — and we’ll help you meet them.

  • Spend Less

    Delays can cost you $600,000 to $8 million for each day that a trial is delayed. Because our trials run on shorter timelines and allow for flexibility, you’ll spend less. 2

  • Streamline Your Process

    Sites are outfitted with our standardized systems such as TrialSpark Scout and TrialSpark Pilot along with technologies to allow real-time data output to help you run your trials more efficiently.

  • Drop Dropout Rates

    TrialSpark provides Patient Concierge and Clinical Research teams to ensure patients are both engaged and informed throughout the study, cutting down on dropout rates.

  • Real-time Data

    TrialSpark trials are more flexible — get data in real time and adjust your study accordingly.

The TrialSpark Difference

How we’re different from a traditional CRO — and what that means for you.

30 minutes is the max amount of time people are willing to travel for care. 3

  • We Bring Your Trials Where the Right Patients Are

    98% of patients eligible for a study don’t enroll — because they don’t know they can participate, believe a trial will cost them money, or don’t want to leave the care of their regular physician. Rather than partnering with the same trial sites over and over again, partner with TrialSpark to diversify your patient pool. We identify where new patients are, market to them for you, and create trial sites at the offices of physicians these patients are already seeing.

  • We Make It Easy for Doctors to Participate

    Many doctors are unaware that they can administer a trial or don’t feel they have the resources to do so while maintaining their practices. TrialSpark embeds new, fully compliant GCP/ICH sites within the practices of community doctors and gives them necessary equipment and coordinators to run your studies — so you can get more doctors, and their patients, on board.

Bring your new treatments to more patients in less time

Today’s clinical trials hold the key to tomorrow’s life-changing treatments. Make your clinical trials available at more sites and to more patients all over the country.

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