Mindful Breathing Awareness Through Pursed-Lip Breathing Training

Clinical Trial ID: NCT03198780


To establish the feasibility of a tool that monitors and motivates people with COPD to complete training in mindful pursed-lip breathing to enhance pulmonary rehabilitation at home.

For this pilot study patients who meet the conventional criteria for pulmonary rehabilitation at their clinical appointments will be recruited and scheduled to return for the study. After completing the informed consent, patients will be taught how to don and doff the pulse oximeter, the source of the heart rate and oxygen signals. Patients will participate in a demonstration on how to perform the intervention. Recruitment will continue until five patients have completed the pilot in a clinic setting. If necessary, the prototype will be modified and testing resumed. Once the prototype system has met the criteria for success in the clinic, five of patients will be asked to use the prototype at the clinic and to take it home for a week and perform the intervention at least five times.


Inclusion Criteria: - Patients must be ≥40 years old - have a diagnosis of GOLD stage II, III, or IV COPD documented by pulmonary function testing - have clinically significant breathlessness (breathless when walking on the level or walking a mild hill) - be a current or previous smoker with at least 10 pack-years of cigarette smoking - be hospitalized for an exacerbation of COPD. Exclusion Criteria: - Patients with a high likelihood of being lost to follow-up or contact (patients with active chemical dependency), are planning to move out of the state, are not living in the healthcare area. - Patients with an inability to provide good data or follow commands (patients who are disoriented, have a severe neurologic or psychiatric condition).

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    Mayo Clinic

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    Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

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