Inspiration Point-A Digital Pulmonary Rehabilitation Tool Management Interventions

Clinical Trial ID: NCT03801330


The purpose of this study is to measure the feasibility of use of a digital pulmonary rehabilitation tool compared with standard care home program pulmonary rehabilitation.

The study design is a between subjects (Usual care/App) repeated measures (pre/post) design to compare the feasibility of usual care compared with the digital app, Inspiration Point, used in the home for 8 weeks.


Inclusion Criteria: - Participants will have a self-reported COPD diagnosis of GOLD Stage 1 or 2. Exclusion Criteria: - Participants must be able to stand for at least 10 min and walk independently with or without support (cane, chair, walker). - Participants must be able to transport themselves or have caregivers that will transport them to the facility for testing. - Participants must speak, read, and understand English at or above the 8th-grade level (as indicated by having a driver's license or self-report of completion of high school). - Participants will also be required to have Wi-Fi.

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